Ma Yun the core of net goods is anti profiteering

"go, high Flower Pavilion Taobao!" more than 7 points yesterday morning, the Guangzhou metro line two Yuexiu station D exit of the park was filled with people, and the entrance hall is early trading in the queue. Do not avoid the heat of the crowd to discuss the experience of online Taobao, but also look forward to superstar director of the board of directors of Alibaba and CEO Ma appeared.

at 9 yesterday morning, jointly organized by the Guangdong provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, Guangzhou municipal government, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association, Alibaba group Guangzhou 2010 "net goods trade fair in Guangzhou Liuhua opening. Reporters at the scene learned from the organizing committee, more than 1000 from the national network of Alibaba cargo suppliers, as well as close to 100 thousand of the net sellers of goods, buyers to participate in the network goods fair.

last year, Alibaba in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu held three net goods trade fair, attracted nearly 300 thousand visitors to the country, there are more than 100 thousand professional buyers and sellers, Taobao overseas buyers to purchase. Data from the country’s largest online shopping platform retail Taobao, Taobao only a total of more than 208 billion 300 million yuan last year online shopping transactions.


group chairman of the board and CEO Ma reiterated in his speech yesterday afternoon, net goods is the essence of "genuine goods at a fair price, high quality and inexpensive". The concept of net goods from its channel, and the channel superiority of net goods to make profits to consumers, to the manufacturing industry; net goods production mode is the consumer revolution, it is the re division of wealth, the core net goods is against profits.

from yesterday held the "2010 Guangzhou net goods trade fair · Taobao was informed shangmeng thousand conference, Taobao shangmeng seller members has reached 30 thousand.

it is reported that, as of now, Taobao has 33 shangmeng shangmeng organization in the country. Allegedly, Taobao business integrity is the common rules. 3· this year; 15, Taobao Taobao launched the "Alliance for all the support genuine" initiative, there are 34 thousand sworn sellers only for quality goods.

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