Social networking users increased by 10 times a year Taobao as the main downstream site


social shopping site visits share changes

main social shopping site market share

Taobao is still the main downstream site


technology news April 9th morning news in Pinterest, on the other side of the ocean of fire like a raging fire when said, with beautiful female consumer oriented social shopping sites also quietly popular in domestic. According to Hitwise China’s data show that the social networking site visits more than a year ago, nearly 10 times. Especially in 2012, the growth rate is accelerating, user needs and habits are gradually developed.

from the market point of view, the beautiful and two women social shopping sites occupy the major market share, from the perspective of development trend, information and users began to snowball effect, there are quite a number of loyal users interested in the entrance of the two sites as shopping and browsing.

data show that users access the social shopping site, will further browse and buy goods or their love of information sharing in other circles, such as Sina, micro-blog, and QQ space. This is also inseparable from the social networking site profit model, user sources, etc..

from the social shopping site downstream site change trend, a more obvious change is that the site has strengthened its own profitability, the reciprocal dependence of the community class website weakened.

Hitwise said that at present, Taobao is still the most mainstream social shopping sites downstream sites, but also the most important contribution to the income.

social shopping website business model industry has been criticized for grafting in Taobao off the derivative mode, industry policy and development completely affected by Taobao, from the data, and beautiful that began with a vertical B2C cooperation, make profit model more diverse. Users and traffic growth, will increase the influence of social shopping model and negotiation skills. (


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