A Taobao development of the company may open the next line store revolution

" ", of course, is not new, it is one of the most successful brands as Taobao platform, has been close to the market. We want to explore is that it is now in a special way into the line, the business in the end how much?

There may be two hundred sell cotton clothing store Tmall

platform. Fang Jianhua said that second of them to the addition of the tenth did not have Yin man sales.

2008 Fang Jianhua, founder of the Guangzhou Yin, the parent company of the United States "group, the company’s first network domain name is" cotton artist, then entered the Taobao. In 2010 to the time of the year, the United States and the United States Group sales doubled 15 to reach 1 billion 120 million, becoming the most successful of the first generation of Amoy brand". This is already a large company with 1600 employees, according to data provided by Fang Jianhua, the company’s sales still maintained a growth rate of more than 30%.


in the store, you can find some clothes like this style

but over the past year, double eleven sales list, the Bureau of the face of man and the like Amoy brand is not very favorable. From the list of "starry" to UNIQLO, the top five in addition to the "starry" all replaced the traditional clothing brand started under the line, "Yin" from fourth in 2014 fell to ninth. These domestic and international brands from 2014 to enter the massive Tmall mall, became a man on the line of new competitors.

"don’t wait to touch the ceiling, it will be late." Fang Jianhua worried that if you do not do what the "Yin" ceiling may soon come, to accept the "Daily" interview with curiosity at the end of November 2015, Fang Jianhua said, "the traditional clothing enterprises, many can be broken ten billion scale, but for the Amoy brand, 1 billion is the ultimate."

at that time, the first line of the first shop under the man just opened soon. And another on the man’s "legend" is spreading: by 2020, "Yin man" will open 10000 stores under the line. "Yin" announced the plan in July last year, which is called "1000 city shops". As of the end of 2015, "man man" signed 202 franchisees, plans to open this year to 1000.

this figure for the traditional shops, it is incredible. Even for the speed shop since 2001 to enter the China UNIQLO, currently in the domestic market, but also 442 stores (as of 2015 three quarter earnings).

Fang Jianhua met with a considerable degree of entrepreneurship in 2008 questioned. In the past, people advised him that the market

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