Jiajiayue do cross border electricity supplier to build Weihai to South Korea business platform

in February 25, 2015, China and the ROK FTA between China and South Korea to complete the initial full text, clear the Weihai and South Korea Inchon free economic zone as the local economic cooperation demonstration zone written agreement.

in the big China ROK FTA strategy background, jiajiayue Group actively adapt to the new normal economic development, seize the opportunity to vigorously promote the construction of China ROK FTA, the ROK FTA strategy, pilot initiatives. As Shandong’s largest supermarket chain, jiajiayue group give full play to its advantages, Duocuobingju efforts to build on China ROK FTA marketing platform, all-round opening up the development of the horn sounded.

April 15th, jiajiayue group and South Korea Elephant Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, opened the prelude to China ROK FTA pilot cooperation.

Korea elephant group was founded in 1956, is South Korea’s food industry’s leading enterprises, this cooperation, cooperation between the two sides on the South Korean elephant group miso, pickled cabbage and various spices, the combination, with the help of China and South Korea FTA opportunities is the demonstration area that first step, using jiajiayue group network advantage. The elephant group products transported to Shandong Province, to meet the demand for Korean consumer products. The two sides will also explore the depth of cooperation in the future to develop brand products, jointly explore the market in China and South korea. After the customer not only see on TV all kinds of pickles in the main store after the delicacy, jiajiayue also can buy all kinds of Korean soybean paste, spices.

Yang, jiajiayue will use the Kowloon City shopping mall location advantages, to create "China ROK FTA Kowloon City bonded Exhibition Center

, a China ROK FTA FTA gold all bilateral trade agreements in China was the highest, in order to enhance the level of trade between China and Korea since it provides a golden opportunity. Jiajiayue use the Kowloon City Shopping Plaza location, Kowloon City intends to set up 2000 square meters of Korean goods shop, and declare China ROK FTA Kowloon City bonded Exhibition Center, operating 5000 varieties, with independent import and purchase agent two procurement mode, while operating China specialty products, attract Korean tourists to buy, can buy in Weihai exhibition center to attract local and national travel customers, line to see the goods, online orders, delivery service for customers by jiajiayue efficient supply system, O2O shopping patterns on real significance.

two, to build China and South Korea commodity distribution, trading set one of the largest chain shopping platform. In 2014, jiajiayue group to open a new store in 81, the first quarter of 2015 to open a new store in 28, annual plans to open 100. At present, jiajiayue group total of nearly 600 stores, covering 40 cities and counties in Shandong province. The company plans to set up 50 stores in which the South Korean goods sales counters, set up in the counter area WiFi experience zone, the use of computers and mobile phones APP to achieve the next line experience, online direct sales model. At present, jiajiayue group in Shandong province has built 3 normal logistics centers and 5 logistics center, built what >

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