Jingdong computer office full price of 1000 students per full minus 100

unknowingly, the new semester is approaching the pace. At the beginning, want to give yourself a fresh start? Entering the University, many people think in talent shows itself? Do you need a good learning equipment to meet your needs! Recently, Jingdong computer office hot open school season promotional activities, will launch the national student price, machine, peripherals, DIY office products have a challenge to freezing prices! Notebook every 1000 minus 100, 999 yuan notebook self seckill mechanical keyboard, as low as 99 yuan, stationery as low as 5 pieces of 50 percent off!! there are more surprises waiting for you to explore, fast Jingdong

to see it!


event details: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/AWhnH15p2qVJ.html? Cpdad=1DLSUE

notebook every 1000 minus 100 to start the new machine a good opportunity

from August 23rd to 25, the Jingdong to buy a notebook, every 1000 minus 100, preferential bursting, students who can not miss the welfare party! Proprietary ultra-thin notebook quad core value 999 yuan price spike, mechanical revolution MR X6Ti 15.6 inch notebook game 1000 yuan coupons limited grab! There are more explosive goods notebook open 50 percent off concessions you come from August 26th to September 4th, panic buying! Every day there will be a big notebook to carry out mysterious concessions, please pay attention! The 8.26 day, the Samsung brand brand Shenzhou 8.27 day, 8.28 day, 8.29 Acer brand Lenovo, DELL brand on the 8.30 day, super brand 8.31Think brand, ASUS brand 9.1 days, 9.2-9.4 days, the game category the 9.5 day of the HP brand.

from September 5th to 11, another wave of cool purchase, purchase the designated notebook can enjoy every 1000 minus 100 awesome discount, September 12th to 18, the Jingdong sent, send campus cooperation notebook the highest straight down 2000 yuan


offers over 4000 computer game peripherals a trend which cannot be halted by 500

classic computer and peripheral products often used can make our work easier for entertainment, August 11th to 21, the purchase of the Pentium quad core, strong performance of the ASUS bunker K31AN desktop computer can enjoy the full 4000 minus 500 discount, watch the annual freezing point price! August 22nd to 28, the small portable mobile phone memory release artifact apple DM Aiplay double in-line U disk rotating limit 199 yuan from August 29th to September 4th, seckill! GEEZER Pathfinder GS4 colorful six backlit mechanical keyboard 99 yuan second game, with the color and material of the game weapon, do God assists teammates from more simple! September 5th to 11, modern HY-M337 wired mouse only 9.9 yuan in September 12th, to 18, Iqiyi gold membership card special offer 18.81 yuan! Whether you are a white-collar office, the game.

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