E shop treasure announced the acquisition of 80 million yuan B round of financing the layout of a n

January 12th news, specifically for the electronic business platform seller business services provider ERP E shop treasure and its good majority announced the acquisition of 80 million yuan B+ round of financing by the joint venture with the United States and the 51 credit card joint investment. It is reported that the A round E shop treasure won Xianfeng Huaxing venture Angel round of financing, Sequoia Capital and K2, as well as Jiyuan capital tens of millions of dollars B round of financing.


addition, E shop treasure announced this week reached a cooperation with rhyme express, will jointly build the electricity supplier in the field of integrated logistics solutions platform. At the same time, E shop treasure will also be with the electricity supplier clothing enterprise search in the special clothing industry common layout electricity supplier ERP one-stop platform.


E shop treasure belonging to the Beijing San Telmo Technology Development Co. Ltd., founded in 2004. It is understood that E shop treasure ERP to take the SAAS architecture ERP, and put forward the concept of cloud computing electricity supplier ERP.

to solve the problem of the current electricity supplier business operators to obtain high cost of buyers, poor viscosity and other electricity supplier business core issues of concern. E shop treasure joint third party electronic business platform resources and traffic, the introduction of big data services. From the establishment of business resources, commodity integration, inventory management, price advantage, operations management, membership data, order management, logistics and distribution, customer service, accurate settlement as one of the business platform.

E store treasure formed to operate as the center, the whole process of business monitoring, business data, financial data unified management system, providing a customizable platform for the development of query functions and related business operations. E shop treasure formed by Internet plus cloud + big data based integrated electricity supplier one-stop service platform.

in the competition barrier, E shop treasure has wealth transfer, wireless storage and WMS three major advantages of the forum. Choi pass through large data analysis of intelligent matching courier arrived in the region, charges, aging, service, scoring, etc., to maximize the efficiency of personnel, reduce the rate of super area, and reduce the probability of service. E shop treasure wireless warehouse to solve the traditional problem of warehouse management, inspection, distribution, receipt, shelves and other work by the wireless signal can greatly improve work efficiency, and reduce manpower cost, data error and warehouse loss, improve customer satisfaction. WMS is the depth of warehouse management, according to the packaging rules, storage type storage shelves is recommended; barcode management, receipt of goods through the bar code scanning, real-time check the goods and order matching, and support the full inspection, sampling a variety of quality inspection methods.

E shop treasure ERP products on the basis of the SaaS model, through continuous product optimization and product upgrades to ensure that the product features and modules to quickly follow the changing needs of business users.

was founded twelve years ago, E shop treasure service more than 100000 stores, the middle and large customers of the 6000. In the entire network of electronic business platform, more than 30%

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