People in the nternet Forum marketing success four

Our success in

‘Marketing Forum (three) "about the forum marketing preparations, from the beginning we look together forum marketing implementation, is divided into twenty specific implementation methods, I will be divided into three parts and to share with everyone, and the large share seven methods. We want to help:

1, the choice of post plate

forum will have new reports, irrigation area, a place like this is the forum administrator to stay out of advertising to place ads by the attention as we all know, except for special needs or temptation enough, otherwise there will be people to click and purchase behavior, so don’t choose this post two plates. But on the contrary each forum has its own core plate, such as plate whether members or managers are very concerned, because of popularity, as I have often said that the more local people will value. In this kind of advertising is far better than the other plate No one shows any interest in the plate.

2, follow the rules, you will have a good

is set up to the plate core plate, will be careful not to delete posts, so be very careful, not just a little pity for the moderator for this post, because the hot plate, the moderator work is almost delete, hehe. So in the post before, to read well, so as not to work hard for a long time, finally in vain. Read here brothers may see that you do marketing forum is actually used in several sections do marketing.

3, often hair original posts (TIPS)

often made of high quality original post advantage is not only love everyone, but also love the search engine, so the original articles and posts the search engine for large forum which will soon be included, as the inside of the site will soon be included, for SEO also have some help, for example: three don’t leave web578 who en forum inside the post, as long as the original post, in half an hour will be included in Baidu, resulting in a lot of junk information visit, I have been busy in the moderator to delete posts.

4, since the top stick skills

from the top post is a have to approach, because it is hot plate, warlords hegemony, all posts are to occupy the top 10, because can be used as free advertising, and browse a large amount of. The forum is published in accordance with the time and recovery time are sorted, if two days post, now is next to the first, still can. So many BBS Marketing Master friends most of the time but not in post replies. But it is best not to use the account to post replies to reply back to a two times, never mind, back more is considered cheating. The best way is to change a few ‘vest’ and change a IP, when the post down, can be appropriate under.

5, reply to others post skills

reply to someone else’s post is also a skill, first of all

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