Network promotion to find their own way is the truth

there is a common saying that the three stooges, top of Zhu Geliang. Different people, the same thing, will have different ideas and ways to deal with; and then through the integration of the common method of recognition, that nature is in line with the laws of nature, practical and correct way. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people begin to pay attention to network marketing, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises and even the network marketing as the main channel to expand the enterprise. Network marketing is the medium and small enterprises of Qinglai, mainly has the following reasons: 1 the capital cost of human resources, 2 less input, 3 can indeed bring business growth for the 4 enterprises, improve the company’s brand image. From the rise of the network marketing industry, naturally derived from the network promotion, there is no promotion and how to marketing it? So if you want to implement the network marketing, the first thing to do is to promote the network. There are many ways to promote the network, not every promotion methods are suitable for you, and find their own is the truth.

A. find suitable for their promotion method

network promotion methods, there are dozens or even hundreds of. So how to choose their own way? We should proceed from the actual situation of their own, for example: VANCL do is a B2C website, online sales of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and other items. His company itself is specializing in the production of the above products, and sales in the physical market, good product quality, has established its own brand in the consumer, now the B2C network platform, have to ensure that the supply of goods, plus he funded companies in the clothing magazines, movies, QQ, thunder network NetEase and popularity of very strong advertising platform, directly bring customers for its consumption. To achieve the purpose of network marketing.

if we are just a small business, there is not so much money to advertise, such as we are doing SEO technical services, we can start writing soft, hair forum. Write, write, more than a dozen, dozens of articles, released to you can think of all kinds of platform: a dozen such as Admin5 open publishing platform (need to review but the standard is not too high), open dozens of blogs, hundreds of registered forum account, every day, every day, every day, every day to write again, again and again. The website optimization promotion to each big search engine in front, there will be a natural intention to find you.

two. Not every advertising model has an effect

when a small company through the start of survival after the hands of the savings began to prepare into advertising, through the more widely spread to expand their business channels more.

traditional media, exhibition, advertising network, soft and so on, each advertising model need to spend money to promote, a large-scale advertising may spend hundreds of thousands or even millions, while the change of flow but could not bring direct benefits.

in this business community, please

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