45 factors affecting the ranking Classic

45 factors affect the site ranking (Classic Edition) keywords keywords appear keywords Heading tags such as H1 on the page in the last paragraph in the first paragraph of page appears in the key words in the words "conventional Title in internal factors URL, comment in the keyword keyword reasonable frequency update content on the search engine show the position of network structure cycle PR keywords Alt tag keywords picture file name appears in keyword related content oriented keywords site links in outbound links outbound links appear to H2, rather than sporadic PR

external factors a lot of import links from high PR is a specific content page to get the link anchor text in the keyword anchor text is around the length of time Related words or sentences in the anchor text import links from relevant content network links import links to web pages, export links exist general link 3-6 months of one-way links is higher than the value of the link exchange link page is less than 100, the outflow of link less links from links to different IP reasonable growth frequency you need to avoid the accumulation of things keyword anchor text all use the same CSS or the background color of hidden content, this is the most heinous evil J Under the same IP avaScript jump "directly exchanging link bridge page and Cloaking, induced by the search engine crawlers, this is a heinous evil adult content, illegal drugs, gambling related content to repeat even cheating network station most of the pages have the same" title added to the Link Farm or Link exchange try to avoid the problem of network address in a single image and dynamic variable Flash network JavaScript making use of network navigation or directory with the picture of network navigation without ALT tag "head" "/head" between too much code and network there are too many irrelevant content import links links to purchase the majority

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