Break through the traditional way of thinking to find more ways to promote

website promotion methods, such as soft Wen, classification information, blog, etc., and today I want to talk about the website is just another way to promote. Traditional method of direct marketing promotion is to promote the products, but we can from another angle, if not directly promote the product, but through the promotion of the product a byproduct or gift so as to promote the role of the product. Similarly, I also adopt this kind of website promotion methods, and I do a QQ character signature station! I give site added a very fun puzzle game, on the surface looks like this game there is no relation to the content of the web site, but they have one thing in common user group is basically the same, regardless of age and interests are similar. And my approach is through the promotion of this little game to promote the purpose of the site, because the content of the site is huge, just to promote a small game than the promotion of the entire site is much easier.

said the following specific implementation process: first of all, I give my website to add the puzzle game called "two times square", may have a lot of friends all know this game, because the game is really fun is very challenging, the specific effects of the game: http://s. is a collection of user groups for the next. I added hundreds of people in this age group QQ group, ran through mass e-mail to promote the game, of course, want to let others see your group of mail must take the message name and content to write attractive inducing others to your point of the link, and finally the key point is in the game the page to add a button to return to the home page, because they played the game you may just leave, if you add a button to return the curiosity of people always think Go back and have a look, so that others can see your website. Oh, see here maybe a lot of people think this promotion method is not very practical but also very troublesome, but I just wanted a break through the traditional thinking of the promotion methods, good promotion methods and I hope this kind of thinking so that we can find out more about the website.

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