Website directory promotion strategy

web site directory is a web site on the Internet to collect information gathered together, according to the different categories, themes, in the corresponding directory. Early have great applications, with the advent of the era of search engine, web site directory gradually launched the line of sight of people, but the category included can improve search engine website weight, such as the Dmoz catalog is a multi language composition manually editing the web site directory, we often search engines such as Baidu, MSN, Sogou all the extracted directory of Web site information, so that the directory is very important, Hou Qinglong and.

announce some authoritative web site directory and directory submission site classification method

common web site directory classification is as follows:

Dmoz classification directory

world class website directory Chinese version, Google PR index: 6.

Coodir website directory

Chinese web directory free collection of all kinds of excellent web site, to create interactive web site directory, to provide web directory search, keyword search function, Google PR index: 6.

SEEK114 website directory

professional Chinese Web site classification directory, classification search, web site Daquan. Increase the effective customer site traffic, Google PR index: 5.

OCD open enterprise directory

construction of convenient and fast artificial enterprise directory

Sun Wukong website directory, Google PR index: 5.

jqw business directory

Chinese professional manual editing business catalog, Google PR index: 5.

provides free publishing and promotion of the industry website (Industry Resources), the company’s website (Company Website), Homepage (Personal), free search engine website login

services (Free Search Site Submission Servic> Engine)

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