Electricity supplier decisive battle double eleven ready to do a good job in e mail marketing

once a year the shopping spree "double eleven" is coming, are you ready to prepare? Marketing war should be started in advance, this is no doubt that the rainy day can battle in the future. This is a Shopaholic, who chowhound welfare, U-Mail also received some business calls, many bosses would deliberately flex its muscles. So to do a good job of double eleven EDM mail marketing, what are the methods? U-Mail to prepare a few:

first, the site has a wood area has a large group of mail to provide a "through train" with wood?

yes, the site is the main trading stage, around the site, consumers will complete the browse, purchase, order, purchase and payment of a series of processes. Excellent website technology you? Consumers mobbed will not cause congestion? Will present "death" white screen?

adequate supply?

of course, these seemingly and email marketing is not big, but you need to know, EDM based email marketing is based on real goods / services, if the message inviting and attractive, but the service is bound to be in a complete mess. It is best to open the site in the double eleven area, the layout of the area such as the supermarket discount shopping generally eye-catching, home there are guidelines for the path, there are advertising reminder, in short, to remind consumers to enter. The mail style best and consistent, and provide the "through train" function, that is to say when a phase consumer goods, can enter the corresponding page from the bulk mail order, click to complete the full payment.


, two discount to suck


yes, consumers want concessions, concessions, concessions, important things to say three times. Since the "double eleven" title is "discount", it must be done to attract consumers: exclusive coupons, envelopes, and low price, the whole point of group purchase seckill panic buying, forward prize and so on are all available means.


three, is it convenient?

this time, we are busy, and so many online stores, the consumer chooses to look tired, want to have their talent shows itself, the consumer’s point of view, to provide more convenience for the U-Mail recommend:

The process of

1 by mass email coverage of consumer shopping, provide meticulous and considerate service for the promotion, from daily to purchase orders, logistics, customer service payment reminder inform the consumer experience investigation improvement, consumers have delayed a timely reminder calls, inform the consumer logistics changes after payment, even after the holiday raffle.

2 APP for mobile phone users to download and use, retain various contacts such as telephone, mail, mobile phone and micro-blog interactive platform integration with WeChat, Alipay, payment payment, online banking transfers and other ways to create a convenient environment for shopping.

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