Analysis of rural economic transformation needs further popularization of nternet knowledge

from Huaxi Village to Shandong and later the village transformation of animal husbandry base beam Nishimori, and in recent years the community model, able to see the new cluster trend of social development, which is consistent with the law of the development of production, the premise is to not blind development.

to the community economy as the representative of the rural economic restructuring, so that many people see the new direction of agricultural development, a time to become the focus of the new rural economic development. However, the development of rural economic community more, the direction of more confusion, hunger breeds discontentment, farmers hoe down to take pliers, some farmers are not reasonable, the cornerstone of agricultural development, industrial development or screw? It is important to know what is the pliers factory situation.

community economy left rural economy to


characteristics of the rural community economy determines its only success in some areas, are often characteristic of areas, such as local vegetables, tourism or animal husbandry base, the establishment of community with the characteristic industry as the core, and the housing industry development, in fact, it is still in the industry, the community is to provide farmers only place the rest of life.

This is the biggest drawbacks of

model can only be achieved in the so-called Kaoshanchishan resources, has no resources, place only by investment to attract investment projects, community and commercial projects will increase once linked to many unstable factors, factories and other factors will lead the project of community farmers abortion, the public will suffer. Farmers living on land, food to survive, and many community projects are often just passable, its way, this is not scientific.

real transformation should be the whole industry chain

in the context of the current industry to upgrade and transformation of the background, the rural economy is also exploring, an important part of the transformation of Agricultural Internet exploration. The development of the electricity supplier tenderness in all walks of life, there are many local products in the electricity supplier, big business platform has a local museum, nearly two years more fresh electricity detonated new agriculture, to the red O2O model also provides a new way for agricultural business.

then whether these patterns can be used for the rural economy? Although many local government organizations are actively try electricity supplier, this model can only rely on electronic business platform of B2C or B2B is small, for the whole rural economy, but also need to change the business model, but also is the supply and demand chain mode transformation simply put, is the farmers grain harvest could simply by a few clicks of the mouse will be able to sell, or with a few clicks on someone to carry mobile phone screen.

of course, upgrade and transformation is not just the supply chain, as well as the upgrading of production tools. For example, many areas to achieve the irrigation technology coverage, can further realize intelligent irrigation can realize intelligent picking?? fruits and vegetables can realize standardization? Two-dimensional code technology in agricultural application. The above mentioned in the past seems impossible, now with the Internet

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