Deep sea Amoy cross border mutual gold scouring powder it multi pronged approach to enhance the fut

August 21st, the first mobile electricity supplier scouring powder it’s "beaver" platform which lasted a week "Olympic super special offer group" the perfect ending, many sea fox users participated in this hot feast, no threshold by red, 1000 big Olympic Olympic venue at half price, etc, the sea fox special offer group and a huge offer to participate in the activities of the users.

guide with stable, diversified development getting better

for scouring powder it, as the business electricity supplier shopping guide for the main business has matured and stable cash flow business contribution. Currently, the number of users scouring powder has exceeded 50 million, daily active users over 1 million 100 thousand, the scale of the transaction on the ten billion, accounting for the proportion of mobile terminal transactions reached 70%. Amoy powder users to women (accounting for up to 70%), the main age 25-35 years old, strong purchasing power, high contribution to the platform.

at present, scouring powder IT partners include Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong,, one store, Amazon,, and other more than and 500 business website. China’s online shopping market from 2015 to 3 trillion and 800 billion 7 trillion and 500 billion in 2018, the next few years will remain a compound growth of 30%. Shopping guide website will directly guide the user to fly the goods, while providing high quality flow entrance for the seller, a huge demand for electricity supplier industry. Scouring powder it’s profit model is based on its own platform for the electricity supplier website business diversion, businesses based on sales to Amoy powder to pay commissions, scouring powder it will most Commission refund consumers, in order to achieve three win-win: consumers get preferential access to businesses, drainage, scouring powder it earned sales commissions.

as scouring powder two business this year new business growth point force, on behalf of diversification of "N", Hai Tao "beaver" platform since last year "double 11" on the line so far, has focused on creating a "double 11" feast ", 618 years in the sea fox Carnival" and "Olympic super special price group and many large activities, as well as the" Wednesday membership day "long-term preferential activities. It also allows only the line more than half of the sea fox, number of users in a short time has been greatly improved. The financial supermarket agate Bay on April 18th on-line, the total amount of investment has been more than 1 billion 300 million yuan a few months.

is a diversified layout with scouring powder it innovation to provide value-added services to ferret out user needs, enhance user stickiness, expand enterprise with endogenous growth and sustainable innovation development core.

The rapid development of

Denver sea Amoy sea Fox "

"beaver" is scouring powder it is designed for users to solve the door can not facilitate the purchase of global commodity demand platform is the main mode of Overseas Direct Mail website based, supplemented by the bonded warehouse, platform not only solves the problem of consumers shopping overseas language, payment and logistics problems, and through the official website of the direct mail mode to ensure the goods are genuine 100%. The sea fox has docked dozens of international business platform, including the well-known Amazon platform, 6pm etc..

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