Talking about the goal of e commerce students in 2010

09 years of Internet pornography ushered in the event, on the website of the rectification work, a few happy tears, 10 years as a business teacher according to the students’ teaching, it is worth pondering 09 years to decide on what path to follow, because mobile phone!, dissemination of unhealthy information, leads to the focus of exposure, the local information management department and state. The government started the Internet website, like a raging fire rectification work, to guide the Internet in health, safety, survival and stable environment. But for the novice just involved in the Internet, it is not a good thing:

1, can not do

. The main reason for the audit. The construction site in the past, the record of audit is the only personal identity cards can easily apply for down, as long as the regular website, you can easily learn network promotion, network marketing, after all, in the process of teaching, let the student have a station to station in their own, keenly aware of happiness, learning to the new knowledge, it is highly recommended that, through the accumulation of experience, go deep website construction and network promotion work, for employment, one thing is very good, because people now most companies are required to have the enough experience.

you want to think, it cannot do is a big problem, because you may need to take pictures to record through it, but we must actively respond to the measures, taking the students can buy their own province, or on their own to the Province Information Management Bureau for the record, after all, the traffic is convenient, so the network more and more standardized at the same time, students can actively participate in the construction of the Internet to mature in the process of finding the starting point of their own, to do a career, this is a very good thing.

so here is the old class think:

1, don’t be a dumpster. It is difficult for the record review, the state can allow the existence of individual owners, is very good, and do the regular station, what the picture stand, QQ station do not do

2, do not relate to the national policy of the station, such as video station, related to copyright; novel station, film exhibition, news, games, and copyright issues, but can not do those walking a fine line station

The number of

3, the electronic commerce is very insufficient, so study hard technology, employment is absolutely no problem, start learning CSS, learning PS, learning JS from web design, dynamic programming in PHP, ASP and

the most important point: every day to learn more than a minute, life becomes more meaningful. Today’s society, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, you do not work hard, no one will give you the opportunity, so come on. Lay solid foundation, study hard!

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