Online cosmetics business status pain and happiness

these years the development of e-commerce online shopping crowd of hundreds of millions, all obvious to people, all have to enter the industry. In recent years, online selling cosmetics this group is growing stronger and stronger, in the ever-changing market, some people have gone.

always give the opportunity to those who are prepared, when the first batch of cosmetics people may not expect that the electricity supplier industry is developing so fast, the benefits of transformation so attractive, but now those who have abandoned the people found to sadly sigh again, it’s so hard.

in the early to enter the electricity supplier business, its own platform is a logical and must be the product of. With the rapid development of electricity providers, Tmall, Jingdong and other rules of the platform in the more and more mature but also become increasingly demanding. Businesses have to rely on the platform to appeal in a lot of time on some unreasonable terms compromise, at the same time also face the risk that may arise at any time, not the lack of stability, leading to various rules and price control, such as operating platform, these problems are undoubtedly fatal factors restricting the development of an enterprise.

has the following reasons:

1, its own website operating costs will be much lower than the expenditure of the major platforms, from the human, material and financial aspects of almost all other platforms are only about half settled.

2, the biggest feature of its own website is free. Price regulation Freedom: on the platform to apply for a special or event product, how long and whether it can be approved?. Freedom of product regulation: businesses can be based on the best-selling or out of stock products and sales in a timely manner to adjust product tactics, to avoid losses while retaining more customer base.

3, the biggest help is to maintain the customer base. The site of the largest customer base from the original platform store accumulated old customers and loyal customers. According to the strategic planning of their website, free to help enterprises keep the original large customer base, and based on this platform to continue the development of new customers, and these customers to introduce website to develop, thus accumulated another batch of loyal customers. Finally, with the growth and development of the site to invite more businesses settled in another form of profit.

of course, independent website future whether or not good as we can make nothing of it, 77 Living Museum (, the main genuine domestic cosmetics shopping site, take this step is bold and forward-looking. If they really can grow in the future, then perhaps it means that e-commerce has entered a new model, let us wait and see!

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