Before the end of the initiative alliance should be more than 50 yuan settlement completed

At present, most of the domestic union is the starting point for the settlement of one hundred yuan. Only 100 yuan to start paying. Does not reach the next cycle.
    many webmasters respond to this matter. Some questions about tail. At this point, Sogou and Yahoo are the best. Often less than 10, and finally to the webmaster.

alliance income itself is webmaster’s hard-earned money. The site is not the same size, large easily make a lot of money, but many small and medium-sized websites. Income can only be increased by one bit.

may be tens of dollars, is their first income. They use the same mind to pay attention to the profit and value. So do you guys. We have to understand the hard work.

    Special Initiative: I hope the alliance before the cessation of cooperation, will be more than 50 yuan of outstanding settlement, and the owners settle. After all, these are the results of the work of the factory, has been deducted from the results of the work of the union gains, the circle is very small. Alliance on the results of the work of respect, but also the attitude of the alliance. Today’s small webmaster may be tomorrow’s webmaster.

but such outstanding work. After the starting point to open the credibility and reputation of the alliance.

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