Double 11 party guests out of the second wave Kobe also laicourenao

"we want to create a double 11 party family gathering." In November 1st, a white haired David · Hill in Tmall double 11 party ultimate conference as soon as he played, will become the focus of audience.

this is his "Chef" since this year 11 party, the first public appearance. This indicates that the "target global" 2016 Tmall double 11 party is really coming.

announced from the broadcast platform, to finalize the title sponsor, announced to the director, landing in Shenzhen, the preparatory process of the twin 11 party, like a little out of toothpaste, tempt the appetite of the public.

today, at a distance of 11 and double 10 days, Ali finally opened at the end of the evening, the suspense: Katy Pery and Kirby Brian Te led the Chinese and foreign star studded lineup, and interactive play party scene fans and stars are also unique.

"it will be a unique internet show." Alibaba chief marketing officer Dong Benhong said at the scene. It can be expected that the night after 10 days will be a truly national holiday.

shake red envelopes, playing lick screen, the game is full of interactive play

can be said that this is a subversion of the party, the 2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night planner, Ali fish general manager should Acer said, "four hours in every second cross screen interactive, so we think this is the reconstruction standard and the threshold of the four hour party."

in Zhejiang TV this year, Tmall 11 double Carnival Night Live TV screen will appear a L screen". The so-called L screen through large data real-time sensing, when the L screen will eventually show the highest number of users like the head portrait, the star may be in the process of broadcast, in front of hundreds of millions of people shouting your name.

should be as macro said, "every second can cross screen interactive", during the evening show, mobile phone users can shake the whole into the store, and advertising to attract audience attention, more innovative payment of nearly 10 million copies of envelopes in this period of time, for the user to double the 11 day general store.

this is an interactive dazzle to no friends party: the spirit of "everyone is a director, let the stars all listen to your" purpose, viewers can vote by mobile phone to determine a key node of the story.

in addition, the party also set up a "grab Star clothing", such as Zhi Ling sister will be in the carnival night scene took their clothes, fans through the AR technology can see objects flying out from the screen in the mobile terminal, the mobile phone will have a chance to click "seconds" to the real moment.

mysterious guests announced, a group of Carnival alliance

previously, Shanghai Jahwa for this year’s double 11 party billion level exclusive naming rights, while Head and Shoulders, micro TV has officially become the 2016 whale Tmall double 11 carnival night special brand cooperation.

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