Li Keqiang talk about online shopping buy a few books are willing to advertise for online shopping

sina science and technology hearing on the morning of March 15th, Premier Li Keqiang met with reporters at the three session of the National People’s Congress in the third floor of the Great Hall of the people on the 3rd floor of the Great Hall of the people, and answered questions from reporters. Li Keqiang said he also had online shopping, and is willing to advertise online shopping, courier and drives the e-commerce and other new formats, because it greatly boosted employment, create employment positions, and stimulate consumption.

Li Keqiang to talk about online shopping record:

Beijing News reporter:

Prime Minister

, hello. We note that you recently in a number of very force of e-commerce and express the new format, I really want to know you from the Internet to buy things? If bought, what is bought recently? In addition, some people think that online shopping will be the impact of the store, how do you see this? Thank you.

Li Keqiang:

the presence of everyone has the experience of online shopping, I am no exception, I have been online shopping, recently bought a few books, I would not say the title, to avoid advertising suspected. But I am willing to online shopping, courier and other forms of e-commerce and advertising. Because it greatly moved employment, creating jobs, but also to stimulate consumption, people tend to be enthusiastic online consumption is relatively high.

Li Keqiang:

As for the

online shopping will impact the store, I heard such talk, there will inevitably be began to worry, but I once went to a village to see the online shopping stores concentrated there, 800 households opened shop more than 2 thousand, visible business how much space. At the same time, I went to a nearby store concentrated market, I ask if they have to worry about? Store owner to me, he also opened a shop, and his store in a video on the Internet, he said that for shoppers are more realistic, more competitive. Can be seen that the interaction of the Internet to create a dynamic network is a greater space.

Li Keqiang:

this reminds me of a popular word on the Internet recently called "air", I want to stand in the "go Internet plus" on the air, will make Chinese economy fly. But I also think today is 3· 15, is to protect the interests of consumers, whether it is online or offline entities, should pay attention to integrity, to ensure quality, safeguard the interests of consumers. Thank you!

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