How to promote website products from DHC network marketing

based Internet marketing is a new era of marketing, is an important tool for traditional economy into the network economy. It will be the stage of the marketing line transferred to the line, marketing has also undergone a revolutionary change. Some of the old marketing methods into the new concept, and the new marketing approach is endless. Not only the traditional enterprise aimed at the online product sales market self built online sales platform or join the third party e-commerce platform. The development of e-commerce network marketing is to the development of small and medium sized web site has brought infinite vitality. Because of the economic crisis caused by the Internet advertising industry leading advertising alliance fade, which depend on the network alliance income profitability as the main mode of small and medium-sized websites become more and more difficult to do, and from legal policy, search engine, user, competition and so on, many of these websites have to seek the development of transition point new. Therefore, e-commerce becomes more and more popular, more and more people start to seek cooperation products website, the next line of enterprise, establish sales channel network product sales profit. How to carry out the network marketing, promotion of the website of the product management has become a problem that these sites have to think about.

promotion is actually one of the most difficult aspects of site operations. Easy to do a website, but it is difficult to promote out. In particular to website promotion merchandise is more difficult. Only let the target user to understand their goods, and visit your site to produce a desire to be a real promotion. If the promotion or promotion is not the appropriate way to get the opposite effect, the user not only do not want to buy your product but will produce conflicting products. Just as in Firefox China promotion strategy, has achieved very good results but also has great side effect, it did not recognize the seriousness of advertising spam virus spread in the Chinese, Chinese binding type, joint type, viral, viral malicious promotion although access to certain user groups but now, most people still think about Firefox rogue software, Trojan virus. So in the early promotion of Firefox Chinese is actually a failure. Promotion is a thing that requires creativity. Creativity and skills can’t come out of thin air. Need to think about long-term practice and innovation. Good ideas and skills also need to learn from the successful marketing model.

today, I read an article called the classic case of network marketing: DHC marketing. This article analyzes the unique success of the DHC network marketing model, the whole article after reading a lot of marketing experience can learn from the experience of the webmaster. DHC we all know, is a famous Japanese cosmetics brand. Its sales mode can be called cosmetics in the DELL model, like DELL, DHC uses the direct model, no intermediate links with network, telephone directory, as the main way of selling products to consumers, more efficient, more assured, more attentive service, to better understand the user required by users trust. The characteristics of DHC network marketing can be summed up in four aspects: membership system, multi channel, strong supply chain

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