nternet marketing collection network marketing analysis

a, leveraged marketing

1, what is leverage marketing?

also called marketing leverage leveraging marketing, refers to a kind of marketing on the Internet with high traffic platform to promote products and services.

2, the Internet’s top six high traffic platform

(1) Baidu know () Baidu post bar (3) blog (micro-blog)

Forum (4) (5) (6) group purchase network QQ group, Wangwang group

two, SEM marketing

1, what is SEM marketing

SEM is the abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing, that is, search engine marketing". Search engine marketing includes "SEO marketing" and "competitive marketing", SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, namely "search engine optimization".

SEO is a free search engine marketing tools, so how to use SEO technology to achieve your search in the keyword ranking and marketing it?

2, SEM marketing Raiders


(1) to open up overseas markets secret weapon

(2) keyword can determine the status of the industry

(3) to build a real platform to make money automatically

three, multimedia marketing

1, what is multimedia marketing?

multimedia marketing is the most brilliant marketing on the Internet, the most mysterious marketing, but also the most hidden marketing. It can be in the form of your uproarious pictures, can let you hooked the network novel, can be a very practical book, also can make you feel second not to speak of video clips…… .

2, multimedia marketing magic weapon


(1) image marketing (2) video marketing (3) e-book advertising (4) novel implant marketing

four, database marketing

1, what is database marketing?

database marketing refers to the use of some marketing skills, skillfully access to a lot of the intention of the user contact, and then through the mail reminder and enterprise QQ group propaganda to chase layers pin, the purpose is to make each customer lifelong enterprise customers, let them continue to consume the products or services of the enterprise. Examples: Taobao, buy network, Ctrip, Dangdang and other new products recommend mail.

2, database marketing in the form of


(1) to build your lifetime customer: site traffic utilization rate of 1%; the establishment of customer database; mail database marketing

(2) >

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