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six months ago, perhaps we do not know there is such a web site, and today I almost everyone on the QQ know that the web page such a station. Even if I do not know the web site, also heard of such a name. Why is it that a web site that has been developed for just a year can build such a high profile so quickly? I have to study the development of our station analysis and promotion methods, "the webmaster do promotion planning in personal webmaster sitting in the first chair, fully deserve.

". The slogan of China webmaster first portal, such a slogan, the site has been pushed to the debate in the teeth of the storm there is a focus on awareness. Then we look at his domain name wangyeba is the name of his site pinyin. It’s easier to remember. In addition to his site’s columns, are for the webmaster, to provide services to the owners, to stabilize a certain fixed crowd. Conclusion:
when you do website must be in the domain name, site name, column design targeted. Be clear at a glance. Who knows who the user is.

the so-called good wine is also afraid of deep alley, do not say the website promotion, "it is no good webmaster to do the promotion is very set. His methods are mainly three.

1: search optimization. "It should be a SEO master station, I looked at his website, after SEO optimization, I check the web page at Baidu in three words, he in the first place, I even search for" office2003 free download "such words in front of him, can not say that is not a master. Search engines should give him a very high traffic. Conclusion:

two: write soft. Read the web page of the webmaster write a few articles, such as "learn five strokes, let a website for you to make money", "how can a person make a successful website" and so on the article, there is no denying the fact that the content is well written, but the reader to see his article is not white, some sites included his article is not white included the readers of this article would be his "you remember, is a master to write text, for example, citing what contains Web page AD, but without a trace.

three: big fight. It should be "noisy do webmaster strengths, many forums fight him, said he is good, he has said that bad, has said that he is the master, he has said that the level of no, even if he is graduating from high school or university graduates are shouting. I think the network in addition to the Qihoo week boss, is estimated to number him. Noisy to do more, do not want to be difficult to become famous, people became famous, the station is also famous. Conclusion:

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