Analysis of lipstick from the network promotion


to find their future people in network marketing, the lipstick effect is a theory they love the most. The so-called "lipstick effect" refers to a kind of interesting economic phenomenon, also called the "preference trend" low-priced products! In the United States, when during the economic downturn, lipstick sales tend to line rose. Why is this? Originally, in the United States, people think that lipstick is a relatively cheap consumer goods, in the economic downturn, people will still have a strong desire for consumption, it will turn to buy cheap goods. From the "lipstick" effect can be seen in the promotion of network theft!

One of the reasons for the lipstick effect of


lipstick as a kind of "cheap non essential thing", can play a "comfort" to consumers, as it is when the soft and moist lipstick touch the lips of the moment!

lipstick effect of the two reasons:

economic recession will make some people of lower income, so they are hard to save money to do some things". For example, buy a house, buy a car, travel abroad, but there are still some small hands of spare cash, just to buy some cheap non essential things "


analysis of network promotion from the lipstick effect, well, no matter what means do network promotion, its fundamental purpose is to achieve sales! So if you use email, forum, blog and so on ways and means to promote its core purpose is to achieve sales! So before do network promotion that must understand your target customer psychology, what they want is what time, what they want and what they desire to buy the most strong, this is all you do based network promotion and the


at the same time, doing network promotion, but also pay attention to the brand effect, methods do not "Fengjie" kind of way, this method is used in the person may be very useful, but if used in the corporate body, may be counterproductive! So do network promotion, we must pay attention to the brand image


well, from the lipstick effect analysis network promotion to share here, if you have any questions, please and I exchange!

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