Experience summary of actual site promotion methods

Hello, I am QQ924176773, from now on, I will try to stick to a webmaster finishing notes and analysis, together with you, hope each notes to help, let us harvest.

a, improve the weight of the station and pr

1, looking for high quality links, do not go to those links factory.

2, the original article is very important, the original article is to make your site rich content.

3, published soft Wen, can let your ranking.

4, to the famous forum post, bring their own signature.

5, add some navigation stations, self-help links, etc., although some people say that is not good, but I did so, PR is indeed a lot of high.

6, submitted to the classification directory, but also can increase the number of connections, improve PR.

7, as far as possible to others PR low included links to put in the next page, can delete the junk links as far as possible to delete.

two, local station promotion method


1, is a place where people gather to hang banners, the bigger the better, conspicuous on the line.

2, is a residential area in the blank wall brush slogans, if you can do it yourself, this cost is not much.

3, India is a small ad posted everywhere, there are effects, but the effectiveness of short. If better print some posters or inkjet image effects, but also increase the cost of my experience is that the cost of things to bring the effect is great.

4, and the local DM advertising to do the exchange of friendship, each other in the newspaper website printed on each other’s advertising, DM advertising focus, to bring traffic to your site, but also to bring you business opportunities.

is 5, and some businesses, businesses engaged in activities when you publish business in your website, then please print your business site in printing leaflets on the name, such as query detailed information please visit Yuanbaoshan port information etc..

is 6, and the local government cooperation, can open up the column on the website, do the theme publicity for the government, the price is also let the government do publicity for you, like what the July 1st October 1st period, the government to engage in activities to do publicity can be published on your website, you can also ask the government for the way you propaganda.

7 with the local newspaper, send newspaper benefits also, take the initiative to understand the line, through him also, let him every day in the way to send us a copy of the newspaper and send advertising, how to send the newspaper, also sent a number of our ads, it not only increase the propaganda, but also to our website and a new understanding. Of course, this method can be extended to send milk, and even logistics companies, if you can get to the logistics company, of course, is the best. < >

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