Within three months the site registered members of the experience and inspiration

this article is authentic records, records is a new station, from scratch, to tens of thousands of registered members of the case in just three months, if the webmaster heart, everyone can do this, the key is the heart. This article is to stand on my point to tell and a general analysis of the website is how to do this very good results, I am not the first statement of the station, second, I was standing in my own view of things, will inevitably have a little deviation, please forgive me.

just contact 55.la, or September of this year, when the 55.la chief Cai Liwen Admin5 editor with straw is a good friend, we exchanged, remember mom just came out, through a large number of soft and viral marketing will make the whole network is turned upside down, no peace, all eyes were Ali mother’s body.

when I asked Cai Liwen, you want to make 55.la what? He said: a free automatic generation of logo and banner of the service station, I said: some people will really need? Cai Liwen seemed confident that there must be, as long as doing well.

for a new station, there is no ranking, no PR, no reputation, no import traffic, 55.la just "hasty" station, then Cai Liwen’s goal is: every week a new template for banner listed, laocai even technical staff that their number set harsh order: not only the usual need to update, as long as the important holidays, need to do a number of additional custom templates.

In fact,

55.la’s business is relatively simple, is to enter text, point to the size of the banner, and then generated, it can generate a fixed background template, and custom banner text ads, such a function is indeed can attract many owners to use. In just three months, the number of registered users reached ten thousand, but not by these ideas.

A. promotion is very important

said here not only say is SEO, of course, SEO is a very important aspect, specially invited professional SEO made the appropriate optimized set of keywords, the current 55.la in the Baidu relevant keywords ranking is very good, in addition to SEO skills, but more important is the relevant content is relatively small.

it seems that Baidu is not a K station and not included, as long as the content of construction, user satisfaction, Baidu is to allow the weight included, and will give this station is very high, if coupled with optimization techniques, good rankings have no problem.

second, the chain is also very important, now there is a ridiculous optimization community view, is only used to transfer PR connection, but 55.la through the station directly related with a lot of traffic good stand exchange connection after the discovery, a lot of daily traffic is through friends >

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