The early burst of red products tend to die To listen to the level of operation and nonlinear

for any one operator, in the occupation career early, most in need, must be some specific methods and skills specific to copy how to write, how to draw the chart, how to promote a project, how to plan an event.

logic is very simple, the operation itself is related to the implementation of a large number of work, if the work and skill based approaches you even do not have, almost certainly, you don’t have the ability to talk about other things more deeply. Or, if you’re talking about other things, the basic is not down to earth, the castles in the air.

, but if you only have the implementation of methods and skills, but do not have a higher level of thinking and judgment, almost certainly, you have a maximum of about 2-3 years of experience, will inevitably encounter bottlenecks.

to break this knot, you need to be able to jump out of the operation itself, to think about the operation of the planning". So, the operation itself, there are some rules


so, this one, we have to jump out of the operation of the implementation and method, to operate on its own law and some of the core logic behind it to do some higher level thinking.

I guess, if you are one always feeling that he was doing a lot of messy, but also not what the value output of operation, or you have been dead for several products but still couldn’t find any clue, that this article may be valuable to you.

in this article, I’ll share 3 things that might be called "rules".

rule one: with a short linear thinking into the operational work, often difficult to do a good job.

what is linear thinking?

: consider only a single result oriented thinking.

, for example, sales of the work, whether the boss or employees, only look at the number of sales orders and sales.

, for example, to promote class work, we will only look at how much money you put into the number of users.

it is the gap between traditional industries and the Internet world: the traditional industry to speak simple and crude, cost income ratio, they are more accustomed to the logic is: I in front of who did what, he would be willing to pay me for. This time, as long as he paid me more than I paid the cost, I continue to find such a person at a controllable cost so that they are willing to pay me, business logic can be set up.

such a logic, I called one-dimensional, linear logic. In this logic, everything I do, I need to bring some practical, specific returns. If I do A, but can not guarantee to give me a return of B, such a thing I will not consider.

, however, the logic of the Internet world is likely to be far from so simple, it needs to consider the outcome dimension will be more.


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