Domestic famous SNS website 5GSNS can not browse

webmaster network on August 10th 17 points: the famous SNS website 5GSNS can not browse, open the official website home page, there is a hint: room maintenance, about 12:00 in August 10th to complete the maintenance. The old man walking 5G, at the time, the site is still not back to normal, such as whether the official for maintenance but not normal access can make nothing of it.


5GSNS founded by "IT Bloger Pope" Hong Bo (Keso), is a professional IT& media social networking sites. Just a few months registered more than ten million active users, becoming the fastest growing professional SNS social networking site. In early August, in order to reflect the 5Gsns platform to highlight the concept of self media, the website domain name changed to At present, the promotion of theme is free recruitment services, for the IT industry as well as the media publishing business recruitment and personal job search free of charge.

SNS is Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Based on the theory of six degrees of relationship, we will be in the real world of social networks, according to different conditions to establish their own social circle. A friend’s friend is a friend based on the form of trust, and quickly set up their own trust based circle of friends. In this circle, there is a high degree of integrity between each other, different from the first generation mode of friends aimlessly.


in this mode, people are relatively reliable friends, because customers can search are friends of friends, so from the perspective of integrity and security, it gives users greater confidence and security. In addition, in SNS, without a friend and user confirmation, the user’s profile can not be seen by strangers. Therefore, the protection of personal privacy enhanced.

After the rise of

SNS services in the United States, according to statistics, three people working in Silicon Valley, there is a person using SNS to expand their circle of communication. SNS site has also been the pursuit of venture capital, and some SNS sites also received a huge investment.

in China, the largest SNS service site is for college students make friends in the campus network, which has just received a $400 million investment in Softbank Corp.

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