How to do a good job in domain name registration

Something about domain name "own rights incident two days ago

had" smashed SIEMENS refrigerator "by the netizen called" rights hero "Luo Yonghao, early registration of" "domain name suddenly turned into a" Tmall net ", it is understood that the reason is that the domain name is deleted after the expiration is unknown, re registration and use.

Luo Yonghao and micro-blog denounced the Registrar not to remind the nets of renewals, unauthorized resale domain, vowed to "merciless retaliation". But after investigation found that the original domain name registration personnel own negligence, did not see the 5 letter in the mail to remind renewals over the past six months, so far, the domain name of the Oolong event to Luo Yonghao’s apology.


Oolong events have been come to an end, but the focus of debate is part of the users: the domain name, as a kind of virtual information is invisible, we should how to protect it, lest suffer unnecessary losses, and I deal with the domain name registration has more than and 10 years of history, today I I will talk about the establishment and management of the history of the domain name, for those people who need to establish a website.

history of domestic domain name registration


is my first name in 2000 to network registration, from the beginning of the year, I began to deal with the host and domain name and history, the choice of network is a complete coincidence, I do not understand the domain name, credit card payment is not mature, just in time to engage in a network time domain preferential sales policy, I registered my first name in the network.

when the network policy is more relaxed, relatively simple to register the domain name now, do not have to provide identity cards and other personal information can be registered, there is no record, the domain name forwarding function is normal, so just make do with.

The domain name registration level

when the network is relatively low, through the Whois query, find the Registrar domain name is the name of some foreign domain name registration mechanism, and different years registered domain name, the Registrar is also different, this to me later from out of domain name made a lot of network trouble.

the impact of price factors

before 2000, Chinese in domain name registration price is relatively high, the annual cost hundreds of dollars is not a small fee for individual users, in contrast, when the foreign domain name registration is very cheap.

when I was in the domain name registration million net price is 60 yuan / year, is a more reasonable price, then domain renewals rose to 70 yuan / year (to renew after two years), the price is rising year by year, by 2005 rose to 130 yuan / year, considering the price and many factors. I began to consider my domain name from the network to migrate to the GoDaddy.

from the price point of view, when the network >

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