August site Top20 list 9 most popular Pinyin domain name

on the Internet all areas of the site of fierce competition, the integrated portal, website navigation, dating community, online video, online shopping platform based on domain name acquisition flow, have achieved good traffic revenue, portals, search engine and navigation domain is composed of ten of the top, and the video and social media the basic domain composed of second camps, including Sina micro-blog domain is growing very fast, to understand in August, these users daily coverage of Top20 website related to the domain name list.


August website daily coverage of user Top20 list

Pinyin domain name in August to occupy 9 places

In August

website users daily coverage in the Top20 list, 20 types of domain name, the domain name of the site to enable Pinyin accounted for 9 places, including the Baidu search engine, website users daily coverage of 12767 list ranked second; online shopping class, with 4039 daily cover the number of users ranked list fifth; online video industry,, ranking ninth,, the site in 1983 on the list ranked fourteenth on the list, the thunder network eighteenth, Baidu’s video network Qiyi network in list twentieth.


dating community has recently become the most fiery mode, especially sina is micro-blog’s most popular, since Sina Pinyin enabled independent domain name, just a few months when the brand the most rapid development, domain flow high income, in August to 2358 users daily coverage ranked list eleventh, followed by Tencent and friends network website with 2217 users daily coverage ranked twelfth, in list seventeenth, 1597 August is the website daily number of users covered.

3 digital domain name finalists list


In addition to

domain name, domain name is another type of domestic "digital domain", for the domestic digital domain complex is very deep, in August the site users daily coverage Top20 list, 360 security center on the list, with 3845 users daily coverage ranked sixth in the list of domain name CN, a maximum of three. domain name is one, another is the nineteenth ranked China Mobile official domain name, digital domain name list of finalists and a NetEase site to 3513 users daily coverage figures in list eighth.


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