July first week COM domain name increased by 126 thousand pornographic domain XXX minus 631

IDC network (idcps.com) on 15 August 07 reports: according to the latest foreign domain statistics agency Registrar Stats data show that as of 07 2014 07, the top ten total domain of 150032673, a net increase of 67102, compared with last week, rose. Among them, only the total amount of.COM domain and.BIZ domain showed an upward trend in the first week of July, a net increase of 126957 and 1273 respectively; and the.ASIA and.XXX domain decline is still no signs of improvement, a net decrease of 2282 and 631. Below, please look at the IDC review of the relevant data in detail.

  (Figure 1) first weeks in July the world’s top ten domain name incremental distribution map

according to figure 1, the first week of July, the top ten domain name changes, only the total amount of.COM domain name and.BIZ domain to achieve a net growth of 1273, a net increase of 126957 respectively.

therefore, the rest of the top 8 of the top ten domain names have negative growth. Among them,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.NAME,.ASIA,.XXX domain names were a continuation of the downward trend last week, while the.US and.TEL domain growth is positive to negative.

(Figure 2) the top ten domain growth data

observation Figure 2, IDC review network learned that, in the top ten domain names,.COM domain name ranked the total of first, has risen to the top of the list, the largest increase of 126957, an increase of more than 1 times. While the same growth in the.BIZ domain, a total of 2648846, a net increase of 1273.

addition, in ten the total loss of the top-level domain,.INFO domain name of the largest decline, a net decrease of 29725, about 4 times the decline last week; a decline also reached the total.NET domain name number 5, a net decrease of 23733, QoQ increase; while the.ORG domain, a net reduction of 3585 is about 51 times last week’s decline, the magnitude of the visible changes;.ASIA net reduction of 2282, decline narrowed;.XXX net reduction of 631, a decline.

To sum up the

data in the first week of July, most of the top ten domain names were lost, as of July 7th, the top ten of total domain 150032673, a net increase of 67102, rose.

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