19 let us work together to create the most sincere scene of the nternet

my eyes in group is divided into 3 categories: one is the ability, but not seen, self since the establishment of the station, see a lot of successful webmaster experience, autobiography. Although they are very successful, but this kind of people and we always have a distance. They only think, they can dig business opportunities, but also for this crazy, just take out the cost, it will be in accordance with the way he refers to, for one by one to achieve.


– the so-called professional technical personnel, called (SEO) at the various skills on the Internet, the Internet through the vicissitudes of life, they have the status today mysterious and exciting! Often heard friends say, this station really cattle B, the station really cattle B, a week does not update hard row the first page, they always let those very hard, very hard, only the pursuit of the content of the webmaster helpless. See also: some people will put their own experience and the grassroots webmaster share a green hand, for in its name for the product reputation.

third: Grassroots webmaster there are a lot of people, no money. No technology, and technology – half a bucket of water, or do not have money, they sometimes gather together to discuss the exchange of all living experience, the forum, who help me look at this station, how, how ah, how not to be included. And so on. These are I think I stepped into the webmaster circle of the most yearning network life, every day after work to open the computer, I am anxious to landing forum. To share the feelings of all the owners of the story, there are happy, unhappy.

off, I almost forgot to write this article today! The habit of getting up in the morning, open the computer to see the news, reported today to 21 days of mourning for breakfast, are used to open the computer, play a few hours (I think is afternoon to go out to work on the web) look, the gray code, copy itself to put did not respond for a long time, depressed… Continue to browse other sites, the specific findings are as follows:

station network, Tencent. And some site tudou.com. ZhengZhan theme color changed to grey. Youku video, video navigation station saw Wenchuan, so.

at this time, I have to send these selfless webmaster, you have a heart. Confused, no clue, do not know how to write it down. I am too much food, but also to find a friend to help me to change the color of the site, he tried N times are not successful. This is so far, I have to put the color change over flash before 2.

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