Daily topic know almost 6 million users to share how to continue to produce high quality community c

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 20th news, recently announced that it has almost completed a new round of financing, this round of financing funds reached $20 million from the Asian Games leading investment. Know who won the Li Kaifu angel investment in the website open at the beginning of the year after get into the lead for the blind of nearly 10 million US dollars.

is known to open in December 2010, won the Li Kaifu angel investment after three months, one year after receiving millions of dollars into the lead for the blind. Know almost on the line in the first two years has been to take the invitation to register. By the end of 2012 registered users reached about 400000, opened in March 20, 2013 after the registration, know almost daily active users has increased significantly in a short period of time, daily active users reached 600 thousand monthly active users reached 10 million, half year growth of 10 times, and continue to accelerate.

currently known data released by the end of PC, know almost daily UV (unique visitors) was 2 million 500 thousand, the average monthly UV reached 60 million, while the average daily PV (page views) amounted to 6 million, the average monthly PV reached 150 million; in the mobile terminal, know the application activation volume amounted to 6 million, the activation of knowledge the amount of almost daily for 5 million, the average open rate is 21%, the user’s average daily reading time reached 21 minutes.

doesn’t seem to be able to find a perfect word for a given definition. He is different from Baidu or Sina know ask such a question and answer website, and they know more than a social. Know the slogan and the world to share your knowledge, experience and insights! More jargon community, however it is now known to output high quality content in people’s heart. It seems that these can not be separated from those who know the big V to create high-quality Q & a range. But to see the huge increase in the user can not help but worry about how to ensure that the quality of Q & A does not decline?

said the last known almost always cannot do without the pain points: how to profit? Although Zhou source repeatedly answered "premature", but this is always a problem to be faced, a website to survive cannot do without money, can not continue to burn money.

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