From 300 thousand to 3 million then the domain name behind the huge price gap

in July 27th, including Sina, Xinhua, Tencent and other 25 large sites of the third party payment platform IPS to about 3 million yuan of the purchase price of the international top-level domain name was reported, and then questioned by insiders. Subsequently, the major sites have also been reported on this event, ring fast to buy domain name transaction price of less than 300 thousand yuan.

from 300 thousand to 3 million yuan price gap behind, one can see IPS in the domain of choice has its originality, but in the domain name after purchase from "reality", although it can be a valuable domain name, the domain name combination is indeed very suitable for IPS, but 3 million yuan price really some people "amazing", even to the extent of questioning.

on the other hand, that iPS really value domain strategy, but exaggerated the value of the domain name has a self defeating, is a special case, according to the website 28 reported that Xiamen local enterprises veoshoesshoes yesterday opened the shortest domain is only 3 million yuan acquisition.

from the positive point of view, the author collected veoshoesshoes enabled single letter top-level domain examples, furthermore, IPS high-profile publicity to buy domain name examples, two examples of this can be seen, enterprises pay more attention to the choice of the domain name, the domain name can not be realized to reckless effect on the development of the enterprise, especially is the traditional enterprise, even changing the pattern to promote the replacement of domain names and enhance their visibility, before this, are very rare.

in the future, business acquisition, domain name enabled debut rate will be more and more big, the domain name has and Internet companies together, forming relationships and palm indispensable also, some of the best domain will not be frozen, will be unveiled, and will be the development of the enterprise into the relationship of.