Shenyang women’s online video abusive people were arrested by the police


figure for the victims of the video screenshot and their personal information

According to

reports, the National People’s Our wills unite like a fortress. relief work, the morning of May 21st, a video on the network instantly aroused netizens’ anger. The video of a woman abuse earthquake in Sichuan for up to 5 minutes, also called with relish. It is understood that the woman has been arrested in Shenyang police.

online insults the disaster area people video

in May 12th, after the earthquake in Sichuan, Wenchuan, the national mourning, the people of all kinds of ways to do their best to support the disaster area. 21 am, Internet users in the discovery of a woman in the video abuse Sichuan earthquake for up to 4 minutes and 40 seconds. In the video, the woman’s feet on the table, unconcerned, constantly abused people in the disaster areas. The provisions of the State Council, 19 days to 21 days, the cessation of all recreational activities, the woman can not play because of J5 games, so at the people in the disaster areas.

human flesh search engine again angry

this video appeared, the woman became the home of the YOUTUBE political news, and started rumors on foreign websites. The netizen said: "we are Liaoning women it hated, how can a person shameless ignorance to that point, it can be said that the entire Chinese nation can’t forgive her this stupid mistake, I think this is not just a mistake, this is the Chinese people of the affected people to the victims of blasphemy."

think of the victims, the thought of fighting in the relief line comrades, think of the victims and sacrificed their lives for the relief of the comrades, think of Premier Wen Jiabao’s words and deeds, I couldn’t help crying, how could this person? How could you do this? "Netizens think the woman’s behavior has seriously affected the people’s China the image of the angry Internet users at the same time, we call the" 1 billion 300 million people together to find him out of


human engine angry again in this time, netizens to collect information on the woman through various channels: the name Zhang Ya, born in July 29, 1987, Liaoning Shenyang City, Sujiatun, her friend QQ number, ID number and so on.

woman has been arrested by police in Shenyang,

according to the news from Shenyang said the woman’s video caused angry netizens on the Internet, Shenyang city Sujiatun District Public Security Bureau, according to the woman provided online information, at 21 noon at about 1, in the District of Sujiatun Ruyi Cafe arrested, Sujiatun District Department of computer communication is under investigation.

discussion on the illegality of the behavior

on the Internet, netizens said the woman as Liaoning female, in the expression of anger at the same time, a lot of users also on the illegal behavior of women to discuss.

netizens said: "it should be illegal, with the deepening of reform and development, we are more and more freedom of speech, but"

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