Clone Facebook you are not worth the same money

A year ago, Yahoo, when it was about to buy Facebook, it gave Facebook a valuation of $750 million. Most people think that this is a high price, the news group to buy much larger than the Facebook user base MySpace, but also spent $580 million, Facebook what is so valuable? Yeah, why? So much money, Facebook actually does not sell.A year after the

, the Microsoft Facebook side spread overrated speech, side and rival Google shopping, eventually to $240 million stake in Facebook, got just 1.6% of the shares of Facebook, let Facebook valuation jumped to $15 billion.

from $750 million to $15 billion, what happened this year?

actually didn’t happen. The giants have been looking for promising prospects, they are not trying to grow up, it is. In the past, such a giant is to understand the Internet earlier AOL, Yahoo, today, it is Google, Microsoft and news group. Among the giants to become a Facebook scheme against each other, the value of the chips. The valuation of $15 billion, in addition to the potential value of Facebook, but also to prevent competitors from taking a substantial premium.

Facebook is one of the lucky ones, the successful use of the giant greed and fear, let yourself in a very favorable position. 240 million U.S. dollars in cash, plus $15 billion worth, enough to allow it to open up a broader space for their own survival and development, but also to avoid the rapid dilution of shares. However, such lucky children are always very few. Because of rare, only a rare commodity. At this time, Google said he and MySpace cooperation better than expected, how much sour grapes. MySpace may be short-sighted, destined to make it hard task.

back home, maybe not too long, we will see piles of "China’s Facebook". What China does not matter, the key is that there are a few people can sink to do their own thing. From this point of view, I quite admire Robin Li, eventually he did not take the "Chinese Google" to sell, not every two or three days to change.


SP fire MySpace fire yesterday you worship SP, you believe MySpace, today you Facebook fire worship Facebook, during Craigslist and YouTube or belief, to be honest, I was a little confused, what is faith or speculation? With all the wind, it is possible that the wind can not keep up.

Facebook high price, just a case, do not think that you clone a Facebook, >

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