The truth They are the most profitable Chinese companies on the mobile nternet

tiger sniffing note: these two years, the Chinese version of Forbes will do every year, China’s most profitable mobile Internet company ranking. Different this year the scope of the selection and the selection of last year is to limit the scope of income or flow of more than 50% from the mobile Internet company, and this year the scope is: income related to the mobile Internet company (all hardware except). As a result, last year, those excluded from the traditional PC Internet Co, can take part in the selection of its mobile sector revenue.

changes in the selection of categories, the direct result is that people found that the traditional PC big brother is still the main ruling power of the mobile Internet!

the following is found Forbes Chinese deputy editor Yin Sheng from the selection and results:

in the 35 companies selected, 13 are occupies an important position in the traditional PC Internet company, of which there are 12 in the top 20 list, the number and the top ten companies is as high as 7! The Tencent, Jingdong and Alibaba occupy the top three.

this should prove a somewhat cruel, but may not be able to change the trend: the mobile Internet will still be the traditional PC Internet giants of the world. This is the founder Lei Jun millet technology view holders and practitioners. And that’s what makes him one of the biggest winners in the mobile Internet industry.

UC but not Lei Jun Eslite and gifted as angel investors, the two companies were ranked fifth and seventh, is also the founder of the field of mobile Internet future income may become the pivotal role of millet technology, the company last year, more than 10 billion yuan, but still most of the revenue comes from hardware.

Morningside venture partners Liu Qin and Lei have cooperation in many projects, he believes that compared to a decade ago PC Internet when we were in the same starting line, in the arrival of the mobile Internet, the competition pattern has undergone a fundamental change to the BAT.

"before the business environment is a wasteland, many companies developed in all knowledge of the situation, the formation of today’s giant, who was not optimistic about the Internet, but today if there is a new opportunity, immediately there will be a lot of fans, in this environment, companies have more advantages than the start-up companies, such as talent and capital."

this year, Alibaba and Baidu staged a series of investment acquisitions war, but one of the advantages of the traditional giants comprehensive performance.

in the case of Baidu, not long ago it was believed to be the most likely the three giants in the mobile Internet is a subversive, because it is the core business of search is based on browser mode on (in contrast, electricity providers and social networks through the back of the value chain and customer relationship, and reduce the dependence on the way users today, the) many users through the APP to use the mobile Internet search, just one of the many APP.

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