Alipay diary social circle has been frozen part of suspected line


Alipay home page has not search the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary"


technology news November 29th afternoon news, today there are users that search in the Alipay home page is not to "campus diary" and "white-collar diary", have joined the "two circle" users now also accept not to push relevant news.

Alipay suspected off the most controversial "campus diary" and "white-collar diary", in this regard, Sina Technology to verify alipay. As of press time, Alipay did not respond.

Beijing women’s living circle has been less than


part of the circle was frozen

from the date on the line, Alipay’s "circle" controversy. Today, users found previously joined the Beijing women’s living circle was frozen, unable to visit. Sina search relevant keywords in the Alipay home page, no matching content.

in this regard, Alipay responded that because the whole product is in grayscale test, in some circles doing some debugging, follow-up will be gradually restored.

rules upgrade

before the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary" two circles also updated the rules.

previously, "white diary" and "campus diary" were only by white-collar women and female students can not release state, dynamic user can choose the point of praise and reward, as you need to review dynamic credit score of more than 750 sesame.

compared with before, now want to release the user membership level to make a request, and female white-collar female students in reading must be platinum or Diamond members have the right to publish dynamic; users did not want to publish comments before sesame credit points, instead, platinum or diamond member you can comment; praise is no limit.

Sunday, the netizen that Alipay launched the "small white-collar diary" and "campus diary" social circle, which is part of the large scale users to upload photos, netizens questioned photos or allegedly vulgar. This Alipay responded that, at present in the circle of gray test.

for release containing pornography and other illegal speech acts, Alipay circle administrators have the right to delete the dynamic, do the gag account, or even pull black account. (Xu Li)


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