Wang Tong high profile loss silent money

      last week, a friend asked me to chat, ask me how formal the Alexa ranking make up, then I told him, if you want to lose money, will continue to focus on the Alexa Rankings, if you want to make money, you should forget the Alexa ranking!

      friends ask me, why?

      I replied: because, at present those who pay attention to the Alexa rankings of the site, basically most of the money is lost, and the site does not care about the money.

      the best stations are those Alexa ranked super bad, while the fierce money making site. I have seen a lot of very profitable website, deliberately put their own station for a lot of traffic dispersion, and then put the site to do so many so-called elites see unworthy of a care, but they are in hard money!

      why is there such a website? Why would they do that?

      because they are smart, they make money, but they don’t see how they make money, so they can do it for a long time. Once their Alexa ranking is too beautiful, will certainly attract a lot of people’s attention, more attention to the people, more natural competitors, it can not do a few days.

      the reason is very simple, there is an old saying: muffled sound of wealth!

      over the years, has been wandering in a variety of Internet circles, into each circle, will get to know these circles in the master,

      these experts, probably in the mainstream of the IT circle do not know, but their income can definitely put a lot of IT circles mixed for many years, celebrities feel inferior.

      2003 I wrote hao123 Li Xingping, who had so many people surprised, this article used the low-key Li Xingping trouble to earn tens of millions of hao123 only 50 million to Baidu every year, and later a famous investor dinner chat, he gave hao123 a $100 million valuation.

      like Li Xingping’s low-key master I know a lot, but not to write it out. Wrote a hao123, it gave Li Xingping a lot of trouble, but also to make China more than the number of web site. If you write another master, those who do not kill the master to kill me. Ha-ha!


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