185 government websites have been making thousands of black case cracked 19 year olds every time


hacker invasion of Tianhe District labor and social security information network, the illegal addition of the query window.

hacker jointly invaded 185 false traffickers government website

designed a black government website "false true card"

text / reporter correspondent Chen Zhengxin Lin Xiao

technique: hired hacking of government websites, and selling high priced

false false traffickers

range: 165 suspects were arrested, the government website was hacked to 30 provinces and autonomous regions

value: about 3000000 personal data stolen to sell, involving more than 300 million

185 domestic government websites were hacked. Hackers compromised the government website, government website data or content tampering, guide buy false to the government website "verified" — they kidnapped the credibility of the government, the false into a "true" certificate. Ministry of public security will be classified as the case of the Ministry of supervision. After the case was cracked, the Ministry of public security recently organized a source of clues in the case – Jieyang held a press conference.


Bureau of human resources and social network site more than the title bar

December 8, 2011, the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social personnel examination office. Staff on the official website found a notice in the form of information released, the effect is to click on the link can be queried by the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social services provided by professional titles. The Bureau has never provided such services to the outside world, nor has it been published.

hacker attacks?

, director of the Personnel Bureau of the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, Xu Weipeng, reported to the Jieyang municipal public security bureau.

soon, 3 police officers rushed to the Jieyang City People Club Bureau. Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social network was forced to shut down more than a month.

director Xu Weipeng told the Guangzhou Daily reporter, hackers illegally released this information folder in the website on 2008 announcement. The location is more subtle, click on to turn to another illegal website, you can query the so-called Jieyang professional technical title information."

received 7 days after the alarm, the Jieyang Municipal Public Security Bureau will be the case as a forgery of the state organs of trade documents case investigation. Jieyang City Police Detachment captain Chen Xiaoping said the investigation found that the invasion of Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social networking sites in the human resources and social bureau website to publish false information in the form of false information is intended to deceive the candidates. In a nutshell, is making and selling false personnel in and sell false false personnel to guide the purchase of government website verification. Fake documents, through the government website platform query, but turned into a real."

public security organs identified, candidates have been fooled.

true information

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