SARFT shut down 87 unlicensed audio visual program service website

December 22nd morning news, after shutting down the "BT China alliance" undocumented audio-visual program service website, recently another "magic theater" and other 87 undocumented audio-visual program service sites were asked to SARFT shut down.

it is understood that the recent closure of the 87 unlicensed audio-visual program service website, including the magic theater, TOM365 free movies, food bear nets, 269vcd movies, Baba movies, thousands of laughter network, North Yu broadband.

SARFT official said, the implementation of the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service is a long-term work, the purpose is to establish the benign cycle through the industry standard and Internet audio-visual program service order, promote Internet audio-visual program service industry healthy and orderly development.

he said to piracy, dissemination of pornographic and vulgar programs, without obtaining the "license" website engaging in Internet audio-visual program service and work will continue, next year will further intensify. In addition, if the program has been licensed to the site in violation of the relevant provisions of the regulations, the emergence of copyright infringement or dissemination of illegal programs and other issues, SARFT will be investigated and dealt with according to law, serious to revoke the license.

audio and video programs SARFT network management division of the relevant person in charge will shut down the "BT China alliance" website interview when he said that the regulation of the Internet audio-visual service is a long-term work, as long as the site was shut down does not solve the piracy, pornography and other issues show the spread of vulgar, can not be reopened.

the official said that in recent years, a lot of public websites piracy propagation of television drama and other programs, the program also contains a large number of pornographic and vulgar content, international and domestic requirement for the government to take measures to deal with the voice of these sites is very strong. "BT" China alliance "website is to have these problems, specializing in television and other audio-visual program download business website, and no SARFT issued by the" information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit ", do not have the qualifications to engage in Internet audio-visual program service."

as for the hit "edge ball" copyright licensing website was shut down after the possibility of re opening, the responsible person said, in the presence of piracy, the spread of vulgar pornographic programs and other aspects of the site does not solve the problem, will not be able to obtain "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", it is impossible to open.

is the following detailed list of the site shut down:

1, magic cinema

2, TOM365 free movie

3, vegetable bear nets

4, 269vcd movie



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