nternet year end layoffs hit you panic

New Year approaching, many employees in looking forward to the year-end bonus. However, there are also some employees began to panic, because many companies will be busy year-end layoffs. During the double eleven, everyone is crazy immersed in buy buy buy, drops came will cut part of express service staff; last month, the storm is expected to pass the mirror by layoffs of about 50%; in September of this year, 58 city launched the 996 work system, is regarded as "disguised layoffs".

Last year’s

Internet paying people to dig, subsidies, burn mode already disappeared. From this wave of layoffs this year can be seen, the current round of everyone is experiencing this winter, the entire Internet industry practitioners, is how painful heart. Layoffs are not wet shoes, a trend which cannot be halted, the company and the employee how to prevent it? The mountain has the following several points.

how to identify the risk of layoffs will face


1, the company is facing business transformation. Many companies due to industry changes, or policy requirements, had to conduct business transformation, in order to maintain the company’s development and survival. For example, just settle the forefoot drops, the biggest competitor UBER, foot touched net car about the introduction of the new deal. It is said that the express business in drops of layoffs, have shed or are in the process of hundreds of people. As for the reasons for layoffs, reportedly because of network about the new car drops in express business affected, at the same time as the winter capital effect gradually, the weight of express business in internal pieces is reduced, in order to cut business transformation imperative.

2, profit model is not clear. In general, the probability of such a large number of layoffs, because the profit model has been the core issue that all companies must face. In the rapid expansion of capital at the same time, can not find the core profit model, and ultimately can only survive by way of layoffs. For example, VR has been at the outlet of the storm mirror, although has been good, but the team was more than 500 people, there are still a lot of pressure on the operation. Can not find a suitable profit model, you have to split the company’s business or even layoffs.

3, the management mode is not in place of the company. The pace of development of Internet enterprise, things and focus on the order of priority, result oriented management. However, there are still a lot of Internet companies have a strong flavor of state-owned enterprises, strict conservative, too follow the rules, not good at flexibility. Or the power of the human resources department is greater than the power of management, this kind of management in the former, operating in the post model is likely to affect the company’s development process, resulting in a phased layoffs storm.

how to reduce the risk of employees


1, enhance their core competitiveness. The Internet is a very easy to bubble up the industry, will be a variety of concepts crazy consumption every day, yesterday, the new media marketing, smart wear today, tomorrow VR, the day after tomorrow". The concept of some junior practitioners will only play a negative role on the ground, not immersed into the industry, do not have their own core skills, Dalang > fade

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