Xiamen Olympic champion Lin Qingfeng 50 thousand experts as the construction site selling the domain

is selling 50 thousand Lin Qingfeng domain

industry insiders said that the investment of sports star domain name is not as good as its website


Lin Qingfeng domain name is registered

"too late!" these two days, Xiamen weightlifter Lin Qingfeng won the London Olympic champion, Xiamen Lin Qingfeng fans want to register a website for it, but I never thought about Lin Qingfeng, several domain names (including.Com,.Cn, etc.) have been robbed, someone even at 50 thousand selling at high prices.

reporter yesterday found that, at present, the Olympic star name domain name almost all, have been registered, but in contrast, Xiamen is the domain name investors gradually decreased. Insiders said that the current sports star’s domain name investment has been golden period, the investment domain name is not as good as the establishment of its website, revenue or higher.

fan Lin Qingfeng registered the domain name

yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant website that several domain names associated with the name Lin Qingfeng (.Com,.Cn), and many have recently been registered, the Registrar from Xiamen, Hangzhou and Shanghai etc..

in a Hangzhou forum, a netizen "Infernal Affairs 22" news release, he has a name of the domain name related to Lin Qingfeng hand, is looking for buyers, offer up to 50 thousand yuan.

reporter yesterday contacted the Xiamen science and Technology Co., renamed CEO Kong Dejing, but Kong Dejing said that although the company is the linqingfeng.cn registrar, but the domain name belongs to investors, not all of the company.

reporter yesterday by QQ contact linqingfeng.cn registrant lu. The other told reporters that he was from Zhengzhou, is a fan of Lin Qingfeng, Lin Qingfeng from the last game when he began to "powder", and the registered on the site, the purpose is not investment, but to establish a personal website for the.


converting treatment as soon as possible

reporter visited found that in recent years, the gradual rise of domain name investment. Related to sports and celebrity domain, but also caused a lot of "love" (made by online cybersquatting people’s attention). In the London Olympic Games, long before Lin Qingfeng, there are a lot of Olympic champion name domain name was registered, such as Yi Siling, Wang Mingjuan, ye and Sun Yang.

it is understood that the registration of an Olympic champion name of the threshold is quite low, the cost of registration for a few years only a few dollars, but the procedure is very simple. But if lucky grab "good domain", are likely to sell high profits. It is reported that many sports star domain name has also been high priced auction or transfer. For example, Li Na name Pinyin prefix of the domain name, the starting price reached 100 thousand yuan, while Yi Jianlian’s domain name >

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