China’s micro blog users will exceed 65 million micro blog marketing money at the end of the year ca

Beijing, September 25, recently, China Internet monitoring authority & data platform DCCI Internet data center held on the theme of "& on the micro-blog marketing share; how to better theme salon, many industry experts and well-known Internet, COFCO, Benz, NOKIA, Intel and other brand advertisers attended the salon activities were wonderful and valuable to share.

foreign popular Twitter concept was quickly recognized by the domestic Sina micro-blog as the representative of the birth of a group of micro-blog, opened the era of China’s micro blog. According to the forecast of DCCI Internet data center data, by the end of 2010, the cumulative domestic service providers registered micro-blog live account number will exceed 65 million; by the end of 2011, the number of Internet users micro-blog independent China actual repeat will reach 100 million. Less than a year, the number of Chinese micro-blog users and the rapid growth of many companies began to pay attention to the potential and huge business opportunities micro-blog.

, however, how to position the integrated marketing of micro-blog marketing in interactive marketing, including traditional marketing? Micro-blog marketing characteristics, marketing strategy, marketing concept should be like? How should companies do marketing micro-blog? "& on the micro-blog marketing share; how to better


with a small broad, emotional marketing @ COFCO life

140 words, thousands or even tens of thousands of forwarding. This is the power of micro-blog. In 2010, the spread of marketing circles around the major theme. Fragmentation of the era of micro public, instant polymerization, instantly dispersed; dynamic real-time random interpersonal network, began to create one after another miracle. DCCI Internet data center founder Hu Yanping believes that micro content, self-organization, cloud communication, wet marketing, media, light companies, fast business…… This is the marketing environment under the 2 communication marketing ecosystem changes. In this one, micro-blog force should not be underestimated.

COFCO good life, such as the NOKIA N8, Yili HoneyBoy case is micro-blog enterprise marketing success test this year. A common point of these success stories is the same, through micro-blog conveys ideas and demands and products, the concept of brand. "COFCO good life" as an example, this marketing case since the launch in July of this year, through its own brand / product features, combined with people’s yearning for the good memories and the success of the brand concept to convey the most incisive. Up to now, Sina micro-blog COFCO life number has more than 150 thousand fans, resulting in more than 4 million the number of topics, Minisite PV more than 4 million, more than 2 million Minisite UV.

users love what? What topic to resonate with consumers? What kind of topic can produce Domino effect? "Borrow" marketing effect, whether it is "COFCO life" or "Yili HoneyBoy" are using "borrow", "

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