Trinity PK Baidu know

      Baidu know very well, I believe that many people know……

      as a user, Baidu know is a very practical, very direct use of demand. From a personal point of view can be found this problem, my search behavior is mainly concentrated in several aspects: 1 some news inquiries; 2 some puzzling question; 3 song search download.

      more vertical search engine features more intuitive, users are more likely to use, image search, song search, video search is so. And know is the same, but more importantly, we have a lot of problems need solutions.

      in fact, I do not know much about the computer, but in the school encountered some computer problems, always able to solve, basically because they can find the answer from the know. And in order to facilitate and some self-esteem (after all, I do not know), I will tell the students, I was found in the Baidu know…… The next thing that happened was that most people wouldn’t ask me ^_^

      the search for the problem in my view accounts for a large proportion of search behavior, so everyone knows the importance of "know".

      Google and Tianya recently launched the service is precisely the response. In fact, Google from the beginning to realize the problem, but also tried to give a solution independently, providing services alone, but the effect is not ideal…… Failure is also the source of innovation, and cooperation is the answer to this question given by google.

      the cooperation with Google is just one example, "know" about the layout should be far more than that, Google provides services to Sina and Tencent soso are asked to have their own "column: the man of knowledge and know about Google, Soso Ask" how to build their own "know" system sure, Google still has the next move, if you have Sina, Tianya, three Tencent know link integration with Google, leading the challenge Baidu know is possible.

      finally come up with an innovative topic in this question:

      mining direct demand is the key of network innovation;

      failure is a powerful condition for mining innovation opportunities;

      innovation is a strategic issue, can also be managed, and the need for extensive cooperation to make up

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