Dialogue micro Amoy businesses love and hate and look forward to

[] I review established seven research institute is a researcher specializing in micro amoy. This article allows you to understand the full picture of micro amoy. The article can also be called a name, a researcher in the eyes of the micro amoy. Although the whole article is a bit long, but the whole more relaxed, slowly look at it.

for businesses, micro-blog focus on brand display and communication, WeChat focused on services, micro Amoy focus on shopping guide and promotion. In fact, the relationship between the micro Amoy electricity supplier recently, and recently traded, the importance of self-evident. So, from November last year, since the opening of the registration, the status of micro Amoy how various types of accounts are what the situation and how to deal with the business with these problems, I conducted a dialogue with the researchers.

seven: first you said the overall situation about the micro amoy.

researcher: experienced barbarian type beta crazy growth, micro Amoy platform tends to be stable at the present stage, micro Amoy account roughly divided into three categories: the seller account, Master account, official account……

said: seven key.

researcher: good.

The official

account but not ostentatious, good business.

A small amount of

merchant account to play well, mostly chicken ribs.

Master account model, leads to poor advertising flying.

seven: you see this posture, is Tucao rhythm ah. We come one by one, the official account of the current situation?

researcher: official account is a serious waste of resources, all the day to push their own number, what Taobao ah, what Tmall ah, what Juhuasuan ah. They tend to have millions of millions of fans, but the frequency of interaction, the content is very poor output. To ensure that every day to send a very good, and a few days to send a. If I have 10 million fans, I will be happy to coax them bianzhaofa. I see some WeChat account, he wants to send a message on time every day, as much as possible to respond to the wonderful problem of fans, want a variety of activities to coax fans happy……

seventh today does not say WeChat please.

researcher: I just do a comparison. A lot of micro Amoy official account, most of the time is to make up the numbers. For them, the fans come too easy, but not the heart operation. The second is to complete the task operation feeling, a message is good, he had no power to do it, because the account is not his own.

seven: it seems that the official account operators have also not paid enough attention. What about the merchant account?

researcher: beta had those businesses earlier, such as some well-known Amoy brand, enjoy the huge flow of dividends, at this stage of operation is also good, accumulated a certain amount of fans, to achieve a good wireless client orders growth. After the merchant, has missed the outbreak period, did not accumulate to the fans, the vast majority of soy sauce in the state. A lot of shops only dozens, hundreds of fans. You >