Tencent push grain in ear program how can the media get subsidies of 200 million yuan

"web publishing service management regulations" in the media since the shock is not over, since the media "grain in ear plan" Tencent with 200 million yuan subsidy and strong. This is a crime against the wind "flavor, but this is undoubtedly the media is a big gospel. Side is the constraints of the relevant departments, while Tencent is facing a dividend policy from the media. When some of the media from the Tencent at a loss what to do, "mangzhong plan" is to warm the hearts of men.


in fact, the strong development of the media platform and there is no conflict with the relevant provisions, because the platform, from the media, crowdsourcing, sharing of the economy is the trend of the media. This is a new upgrade of the industrial structure, production and business model, naturally will not be curbed. Although the new regulations on the media have a certain constraint, but it does not hinder the development of the economy will not be hindered. It is bound by those who do not express the views of the organization and individuals, from the media industry has no effect.

well, there are some stray. Back to the main melody, this paper is mainly from the media "mangzhong plan" talk about the Tencent just released, and its influence and significance.

what is the "mangzhong" plan

?What is the "mangzhong

plan"? This is the penguin media platform from the media Tencent to build a plan to foster the development of self media. The plan put forward: since all, settled in the media advertising revenue for the media in the article on the page, it will be 100% owned by all; for those who adhere to the original, deep quality content of the media and from the media, the Tencent will also give the year a total budget of 200 million yuan of subsidies to the original author, encourage more high quality original articles into.

so, Tencent Penguin media platform is what the platform that is the user’s products, but also from the media service platform. At present, WeChat has opened up the public through WeChat, mobile phone QQ news, daily express, news client plug-in, Tencent QQ browser and many other Tencent products export, upload articles, audio and video, the content can be synchronized to the number of public and Tencent WeChat video above, then to be used by all of the product, to the maximum spread. Obviously, compared to today’s headlines before the "thousand million" plan, "mangzhong plans to foster a greater intensity, more widely. This can be seen from the media platform for media content production is very much. The more content from the media, the more able to liberate the operating pressure of the media platform, can be considered an advanced model of shared economy in the media field.

how to earn two hundred million yuan subsidy Tencent

"grain in ear plan" is great, but since the media placed in the immediate problem is how to get subsidies. Simply put, that is since the media are how to earn the Tencent two hundred million yuan, after all but naked money. Cash subsidies is different from before, rely on public relations, have realized in the form of royalties "manufacturers, requires you to have enough high quality.

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