CANN is expected to approve the Med new top level domain name suffix

December 8th news: it is reported that recently, the United States, New Jersey, a company plans to submit to ICANN.Med,.Give and.One new top-level domain name application.

it is understood that the company said that the application of these three new top-level domain name suffix is designed to facilitate the user to search. Of course, the United States Trademark Office for the company to apply for these three top-level domain is opposed.

earlier, ICANN had rejected Bulgaria’s application for.6r (.Bg) top-level domain name. But on the 12 day of this month, ICANN members will be invited to hold the.Xxx ICM domain name suffix research meeting, then, ICANN may be formally approved by the company.Xxx suffix application.

had a number of plans for a new top-level domain, such as online gambling website for ".Casino" suffix new top-level domain name applications, Canon Co to apply for ".Canon" suffix new international generic top-level domains and so on.

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