China’s tourism community how far away from TripAdvisor

Lead: TripAdvisor

is the world’s largest and most popular tourist community, the market value of $15 billion 100 million, ranked second in the world. In the tourism community in China raging like a storm, who are most likely to become the China version of TripAdvisor



March 25th, the public comment announced the establishment of Hotel Tourism Division, the CEO Zhang Tao said: "there is no Chinese TripAdvisor (the world’s first travel review site), and review is done China TripAdvisor." Implementation of the review from the restaurant reviews to travel reviews, the public comment plan is not magnificent.

has been regarded as the Internet industry Chinese copy, whether it is Sina, Baidu, micro-blog, Sohu, or everyone, are under the tutelage of the United states. The online travel circle is no exception, Ctrip, eLong, where it is also derived from the successful business model of the United States, the successful listing of several companies also proved the feasibility of its business model in china. But 2011 has logged NASDAQ The Globe Hotel and community tourism giant TripAdvisor, but it has not been a success with the Chinese. Why is this?

for a point to ask: China tourist community from TripAdvisor how far? China in tourism raging like a storm in the community, who are most likely to become the Chinese version of TripAdvisor


therefore, traveldaily has visited the world state, poor tour, ant cellular and Lonely Planet (Lonely Planet), trying to find some answers.

senior and successor

previously mentioned travel guide, many people first think of Lonely Planet blue book. Lonely Planet was founded 41 years ago, as a symbol of taste, was known as the "travel bible". It uses slow attitude, precipitation of quality content, in the global scope to create a common spirit of travel. Needless to say, some well-known domestic tourism Raiders community website and mobile App in the initial stage, from the Lonely Planet international version of the website, many copies of POI (Point of interest, refers to the point of interest), or product reviews. Now with the later Lonely Planet, the veteran, is of noble character and high prestige "in the Chinese slow.

often have to ask the readers publishing program, to be kidding scold us, saying we book than children still slow, "Lonely Planet Chinese branch general manager Li Xiaojian said," but it also reflects the market demand for high quality content". Lonely Planet entered China in 2006, CO publishing with Sanlian bookstore, two years of static Market

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