A passenger only 180 of the grass root annual income of up to 15 billion

to tell a grass root company counter attack story today.

6 years ago, a group of like-minded people founded a small game company in the world of 6 years ago. 6 years later, the company was named the world’s most respected foreign media game company first.

6 years ago, the company borrowed $500 thousand from the government of Finland to start a business. After 6 years, with its annual revenue of $2 billion 326 million to become Finland’s tax predators, and company executives swept the Finland personal tax amount before five.

6 years ago, the company’s first product failed. 6 years later, there are 100 million people playing their games every day around the world, covering the whole world every country and region (except the one you have never heard of the island: Tuvalu), including one named "tribal conflict" of the game to become the world’s most successful Mobile Games, annual income after the "hero alliance".

6 years ago, the company to Blizzard as an example. 6 years later, the company was called the players in the hands of Blizzard, the creative gameplay of each product are numerous vendors competing to imitate, enough to become a milestone in the history of the development of hand travel.

the company is named Supercell.

success is a complex process, but Supercell did it.

story begins in 2010, as previously mentioned, the 6 partners invested all his savings (also borrowed a lot of money), squeeze the road of entrepreneurship in less than 30 square meters of the room, the desk is from waste recycling to Amoy, CEO computer placed in a carton, flowers made more than a year of products is not successful…… In general, the company in the two or three years of entrepreneurship, in the circle are not mixed with the ground.


At the beginning of the creation of

Supercell, employees crowded in 30 square meters of office work.


6 years ago, because of environmental constraints, Supercell CEO temporary cardboard boxes to work as a desk.

‘s turning point in the summer of 2012. It is the domestic hand travel circle in the brush list, change the skin on the climax of the year. Filled with a variety of chicken industry conference, someone with a variety of packaging highfalutin words to interpret the two core elements: not successful, do not copy brush is not successful.

at the same time, Supercell of the two Mobile Games product measured in Canada, from the beginning to the pinnacle of life — the two product named "tribal conflict" and "cartoon farm", they rely on so many physical game makers are instantly you eat shit.

eat Xiang company obviously do not understand, success is a very complex process, complex to a little inattentive will be able to own >

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