Talk about whether Bertelsmann e commerce network call center

I visited – 150 employees call center Bertelsmann book club provide the reader service for national readership of about 1000000, average annual processing more than 4 million calls, dial out more than 2 million telephone, SMS, email, mail volume is nearly 1 million 500 thousand. I am very touched by this phone marketing model, in particular, the initiative to the core members of the phone book recommendation marketing model.

– Yuhai yellow

has been, I am confused about the need for e-commerce platform call center problem. Bertelsmann China defeated the story, let me once again look at this problem. Perceptual color of the way of thinking is absolutely not suitable for business model selection, therefore, the choice of rational, and even data analysis.

did not come into contact with the call center for several years, and the first opportunity to contact was in 2003, I was selected as the project manager of a large brokerage IT department. After that, I analyzed the relationship between call center (call center) and CRM (customer relationship management system) and related service model and organization model. In the past few years, the call center has developed rapidly, and the call center has been applied in the fields of telecommunication, banking, securities, insurance, aviation and so on.

what is the call center

today, a careful analysis of the current call center technology, little change, read a quote text:

call center main type

1 call center based on switch

is mainly composed of professional telephone exchange (PBX), CTI server, IVR server, etc.. The larger processing capacity, complete function, stable performance, suitable for the construction of call center system of more than 100 seats larger; but its cost is higher, general business can not afford.

2 card based call center

According to the specific needs of customers, the

system integrates the boards of different manufacturers into a system to realize the control of the user’s call through the voice processing board. Relative to the call center based on the switch, its low cost and flexible design; but it is at the expense of the performance gap does not have strong processing ability, special function of exchange and stability is difficult to guarantee, can only be used for the establishment of a temporary special system, but also can not be called the call center in the strict sense.

two, from the deep analysis of the similarities and differences between the above two call centers:

1, call center from the technical level is to deal with the problem of voice and information command synchronization. The synchronous transmission of customer information and customer voice based on database.

2, the board can solve the basic functions of the call center, such as dozens of phone calls or dozens of phone calls telephone marketing system. However, the board of complex voice switching, such as VOIP, such as processing, not

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